Selling Online / E-Commerce

71% of shoppers believe they’ll get a better deal online than in stores.

You need to sell online!

It’s estimated that $1.25 trillion dollars will be spent via e-commerce in 2013. If you’re not offering your products or services online, you’re missing out big time!

We craft user-centered websites that allow visitors to easily find the product(s) they want and a simple way to pay online with their credit-cards or paypal. More than two thirds of online shoppers prefer to shop online because it’s easy, and we’d like to keep it that way.

E-Commerce will grow your customer base, increase profitability and provide key market research as more users are comfortable providing feedback online than in person.

shopping online

Quick Facts

  • 83% of internet users have made a purchase online.
  • >$1 trillion dollars were spent shopping online in 2012.
  • Over $5,000 per second is spent through PayPal transactions.
  • 66% of internet users prefer to shop online than in-store.

Simply put, selling online will increase sales, grow your brand and it’s easy!

(We’ll hook you up with the right stuff)

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