3 Reasons to use WordPress for your Small Business Website

Chances are you’ve already heard of WordPress, maybe you’ve even tinkered with it and are trying to decide what CMS (content management system) is best for you. We’ve been using WordPress for years now and through all our experiences, both good and bad, believe WordPress to be the best platform for your small business website, blog or even corporate website. Take a few minuets to check out these 3 reasons we think WordPress is great!

1. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.

There are currently more than 67 million websites running WordPress (stats) with over 370 million people reading it’s 11 billion articles each month. Hows that for a review ? Trusted by millions of developers, bloggers and small business owners around the world.

wordpress chart

Breakdown according to W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains. (Smashing Magazine)

 2. WordPress was built with everyone in mind.

Traditionally WordPress was designed for bloggers, writers and users with little-to-no experience. Over the past few years there have been great additions and upgrades to the framework that allows web developers like us to truly customize and transform how the website looks and build custom plugins to make publishing your content easy. If you have basic web experience and a great idea, you’re going to love using WordPress.

There are over 25,000 plugins written to make your life easier. If you need a contact form, event calendar, slideshows or even social media buttons, there is a plugin already built for that. Since we’re experienced WordPress developers, we’re able to code custom plugins to provide your users with a unique experience.

3. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly (SEO).

It’s easier than ever to create search engine friendly links (like the url for this post up top) write unique titles and descriptions for your content. Since WordPress automatically handles RSS feeds, can generate sitemaps and has an easy comment system, google and popular search engines can easily read your content. With some extra tweaks from an experienced web developer you can setup a website that ranks high, generates a lot of organic traffic and helps drive sales and customers to your website without having to pay monthly marketing bills!

If you’d like more information about using WordPress for you small business or corporate website, don’t be afraid to write us today!

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  1. Very informative article ! I’ve been considering using WordPress for my companies website for awhile now. Seems like a good choice !

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